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About Us

Our company


Signal Zero Firearms wants to provide you with a firearm that not only fits your needs but also makes you want to tell all your friends and family where you purchased it. Our goal is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. 



Our company has a variety of quality firearms, however if we do not have the firearm you are looking for we will search to locate your firearm. Contact us today for more information! 

Our Mission


Signal Zero Firearms is dedicated in providing quality firearms to our customers. We will focus on providing an enjoyable, friendly service by satisfying individual customer needs. Let us be your FFL dealer! 

Featured Products

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Semi Automatic Rifles


View our list of inventory on semi automatic rifles. We have several to choose from in our inventory. We have accounts with several large gun distributors so finding the right firearm for you will not be a problem. Contact us today for more info! 

Home Defense


Choosing the right firearm for home defense is very important. There are several things to consider for deciding your home defense firearm. Let us help you find the firearm that fits your needs. We look forward to being your FFL dealer!



Signal Zero also has accessories available. We carry tactical flashlights, Lasers , Knives and optics. We carry a variety of top of the line tactical scopes! Contact us for more info today! Let us be your firearms and accessories dealer!

Shipping and Returns

Signal Zero Firearms shipping and returns

Signal Zero Firearms accepts Cash, Visa, Matercard, Discover and American Express as well as Paypal. Please note that prices on firearms or accessories may fluctuate based on what we are able to purchase them for. This is how we are able to offer you the lowest price possible on firearms and accessories.

Shipping & Delivery- We use different shipping carriers depending on the type of items purchased as well as the state the item is being shipped to. Most firearms will be shipped 2nd day air or shipped by ground depending on customer needs. All items purchased are shipped within 7 days. If your purchase item is not in stock we will contact one of several distributors to order it. Please note it is your responsibility to know the laws in your state for purchasing firearms. All out of town sales on firearms will be shipped to an FFL near you. We can get in contact with your local FFL to have your firearm shipped.   Once the item is delivered to your local FFL they will contact you to complete the transfer and pick up the item. 

Returns on Firearms that have been transferred to you are not allowed. Once the firearm is transferred to you it is considered at that point used, even if unfired. It is the buyers responsibility to inspect the firearm at our office or at your local FFL prior to accepting it and taking possession of it. We do understand that some defects may not be noticeable upon initial inspection, however in the event you notice a defect once the firearm is transferred to you then at that point you must work with the manufacturer for replacement. 

Returns on Accessories are accepted for items found to be defective unless it has been modified or disassembled. You must notify us of the defects within 5 days of delivery. Signal Zero Firearms will work to send the defective item once we are notified within 5 days to the Manufacturer or original distributor. 


Contact Us

If you have questions about our firearms or accessories feel free to send us a message. You can E-Mail us at We will get back to you as  soon as possible. We appreciate your business. 

Signal Zero Firearms

Jenny Lane, Lumberton, Texas 77657, United States

409 554 9833


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8:00 am – 9:00 pm

Contact us today for more info! 

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